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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot stuff

I like to keep an i on the hotest web buzz words that I hear so yuo don't have to. Here is a new one I have just heard mentioned by someone in a web production, identification and archtierturical strategy meeting I was at today and I looked it up on groogle for you.
One to watch out for peoples is micro floor mats. Very grate stuff I can see them being very big well not too big I hope or they won't be mirco anymore though I don't know why they are important to web designers, do they stop pressure sores from coming on your feet becuase you sit down so much and don't move your feet?

I am grate!

Wow! Mark Kley has added me to his page of grate places to go at


So I am now grate and respected, so listen to me when I tell you sumthing!

Task force is here!

I have had sum unbelievable email and comments since I blogged here sum nice sum bloody frankly lovely. Sum people say my email isn't working properly and that is becuase there is a special way to send me email and if you don't know how to do it then you have to work it out, dumbo!

Anyway this is all of the point becuase one email said they didn't know how I put up with the souless fucks that comment here and I said he shouldn't swear so much but what was to be done and the mailer said I should set up a task force as they was so popular these days. A good idea and I thought the a-team was a good name but that is taken so i called it TOFU instead. It means Total Fuckers Task Force and I was going to call it TuFTuF but Tofu is better because Tofu is white, sqaure, tastless and without any known sense of humour just like the most of the people we are after chasing down on this taskforce.

I dont know what else we will do with task force Tofu now it is set up someone told me it was a good idea to set up so I did, I hope you are happy now. So if you need Tofu task force it is hear though we don't know anything to do and I am a big member but the only one at the moment.

Why tutorials are shit

We can all agree that some tutorials are great really grate and sum are a bag of old grannies poo. It took me awhile to wurk out why this should be so but finally having red my most recent tutorial or the first two sentences anwyay I had my Eureka moment. Shit tutorials are written by people who are more interested in telling you how smart they are rather than a geniune desire to share knowledge. Look out for it and you will see so the next time a tutorial isnt working for you maybe its just the author with his head up his own arse not wanting to share his knowledge just wanting to boost his ego.

Hey, its just a thought you flaming people

Sunday, July 17, 2005

My bloody brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness bloody sake i don't believe it I go on my annual holiday to Margate and forget to log off and my little shit of a brother plays a joke on me he is such a idiot and I am so sorry you thought I was dead but I am not I am here I am alive and well and better for my holiday. I have been catching up on the world of news and noticed Dunstard Orchard has hanged up his blogger gloves, does anyone think it is funny that he works for Apple and his name is Orchard, Apple Orchard... ha ha haa. I see as well that Joshua Wank is gone, which is great frankly as that guy was a bit of a tosser really... way toooo serious about it all. I also see Design in Plight is gone but you can still buy some copies, which seems pointless to me when blogger are giving away grate designs for free.

So did you delete my feed or are you still here wiht me?