Fergus Webber's Observation Banquit (fwob)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Not very tasty

I do normally charge money for my observations but peter lambert-butler has called me to ask for my help he has redesigned his site but it all went wrong so i am here to help as he is a fellow britsih and he has a book out which i would like a copy of for my class library.

firstly pixelicious is a stupid name i have licked my screen all morning at this website but can't taste a thing and now i am thirsty. trade descrptions can get you on this one becuase it is misleading for people i suggest you change the name to either pixeltastic.co.uk, pixelisntedible.co.uk, tastypixelmetophoricallyspeakingofcourse.co.uk or something like those.

secondly as i said already there is no pink you must have pink it is the only way to make yourself stand out from the crowd i do it and Jarhead Igital (bloody stoopid name, I think he made it up, I think his real name is Brain Jones) also followed my lead and made his site pink just after he saw mine but his is not as nice as mine and the content isn't as good as mine and my name is better than his.

thridly you did it in five minutes which helps me with everything i have said about web designers they are a bunch of lazy people pretending to be busy when they are not so i like your honesty and maybe i can send you some clients who have alread red my advice about web designers.

fourthly on the hole your site sucks becuase it has a duck as a logo which makes no sense because how can I read you're site if i am to duck all the time and you should move to blogger like me and use a template from a well known designer who gives it away for free or you can try and type free templates into groogle and see what cums up.

filthy and last time I say you need a sentence for your comments or about bit if i was commenting on you site at SmileGala or CSSBolt I would say something like This site sux, I don't get why it is on here anyway becuase it is not better than anything.

I hope this is helpful to you peter and your sir name makes me thing of wanting to start smoking.